Isabella Forciniti, a sound artist from Italy based in Vienna, is deeply entrenched in a diverse range of artistic pursuits, embracing performance, composition, research, and innovation. Her music and live performances traverse the spectrum that stretches from meticulously crafted arrangements to impromptu improvisation. Throughout this artistic journey, she adroitly wields a toolkit of fragmented yet rhythmically captivating beats, intricate manipulations of spatial perceptions, and intriguing psychoacoustic phenomena.

She has been engaged in research projects that intersect the artistic potentials of digital networking (such as The Choir and The Sound System) with the advancement of digital instruments influenced by environmental data (as exemplified by A Sound That Never Was).

Forciniti has showcased at prominent music festivals, including Wien Modern (AT), Skaņu Mežs (LV), Ars Electronica (AT), Unsound Festival (PL), Dark Mofo (AU), and CTM Festival (DE). In 2022 she earned selection for the SHAPE+ platform, a showcase for pioneering music and audiovisual art.

Her academic background encompasses a degree in communication sciences with an emphasis on sociology and multimedia. In 2019, she successfully completed the university program in Computer Music and Electronic Media (ELAK) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. She subsequently graduated with a master’s degree in computer music and composition from the Anton Bruckner Private University. Currently, she is laying the groundwork for a Ph.D. in tangible interaction design and industrial sound design.