Archiv seltener Arten (2022)
Radio plays about endangered plant species.

The Choir & the Sound System (2022)
A research project for network-based, participatory compositions.

Originale in Kiste bei Sitzbank (2022)
Scoring of portrait animation short directed by Ingrid Gaier.

A Sound That Never Was (2021 – current)
15 sound artists respond to a book with sound, noise, gesture, utterance, music. A Sound That Never Was is a new digital instrument that operates a score written from software code that is modulated by weather data and seismic activity.

Community of Grieving (2020 – current)
An audio ritual to collectively submit into intermission created by Zosia Hołubowska and Julia Giertz for Unsound Festival.

Zosia Hołubowska (composition, performance, voice)
Julia Giertz (composition)
Edka Jarząb (performance, voice)
Veza Maria Fernandez Wenger (performance, voice)
Isabella Forciniti (live music)

Black Maria (2021)
Scoring of experimental short directed by Bernd Oppl.

Self-Portraits in Imaginary Places (2020 – 2022)
A scenic musical work for a female singer/performer, ensemble, electronics, movement, video and light.

Aleksandra Bajde (concept, composition)
Lili Mihajlovic (choreography, movement)
Conny Zenk (light architecture)
Schallfeld Ensemble
Isabella Forciniti (electronics, modular synthesizers)

Telharmonische Residenz-Orchester der Alten Schmiede (2020)
The Telharmonische Residenz-Orchester der Alten Schmiede consists of ten musicians, who are scattered across different countries such as Austria, Italy or the USA.

Strange is the Loop (2020 – 2021)
Strange is the Loop will be a 60-minute performance which will première in Vienna at the Das Off Theater in December 2020. The piece is inspired by the homonymous book of Douglas Hofstadter and is a continuation of the exploration started with the project Handschrift (2018) and the choreographic work Do I look fluid? (2019).

Alberto Franceschini (concept, choreography, performance)
Ruggero Franceschini (performance)
Ingrid Cogne (dramaturgy)
Milena Georgieva (music)
Isabella Forciniti (music)

Wiener Gesellschaft (2018 – 2020)
Ensemble with Burkhard Stangl (e-guitar), Katharina Klement (piano, electronics), Isabella Forciniti (electronics), Diana Hannappi (transverse flute), Patrick K.-H. (electronics, visuals), Maria Leubolt (contrabass), Marika Peham (cello), Philipp Rabelsberger (synthesizer, computer), Paul Marius Walter (synthesizer), Katharina Zeller (horn)

log~ (2017 – 2018)
Quartet with Marko Arich (guitar, electronics), Thomas Liesinger (trumpet, electronics), Philipp Rabelsberger (electronics) and Isabella Forciniti (electronics)